wylfa ends generation – 1971 to 2015

wlyfa newydd

The Magnox nuclear power station at Wylfa went off-line, as planned, on 30 December 2015 and electricity generation at the plant ceased after almost 45 years of production.

The plant has played a vital role not only in producing and supplying Wales with energy, but for Great Britain as well. The decommissioning stage of this once essential plant is about to start and will be an important part to the end of Wylfa.

Subject to planning consents, the proposed new power station, Wylfa Newydd, is expected to start generating electricity by the mid-2020s, paving the way to the next phase of low carbon energy production and attendant long-term opportunities for North West Wales.

Ieuan Williams, Leader of Isle of Anglesey County Council, said, “This is a historic moment for Anglesey and marks the end of a successful era in low carbon energy production. Since being commissioned in January 1971, Wylfa has generated well over 232 TWh of electricity and employed generations of local people who have been equipped with a diverse and desirable range of professional skills as a result.

“Wylfa has worked closely with local companies and supported the wider community on Anglesey during its lifetime, and has given many of our young people the chance to stay and work in their local area. It has invested in, and developed many of their skills in a myriad of ways - taking on generations of apprentices and bringing them on, supporting local schools, and thereby contributing to our strong Welsh culture and communities.

“As one era ends, so another begins. The decommissioning work at Wylfa begins now and will provide a number of significant jobs in the near term. Looking ahead to the future, we are excited about the positive changes coming to Anglesey as part of the Energy Island Programme, including the significant Wylfa Newydd project.

“This major infrastructure project of national significance is set to attract some £12b investment into the local and regional economy - with the workforce at peak construction expected to reach some 8,500 and some 875 long-term permanent jobs. Wylfa Newydd looks like a fitting successor to Wylfa and the long-term future is looking bright for Anglesey and beyond.”

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