workshops help businesses get more from ‘the cloud’

Cloud computing.

Be more productive. Be more profitable.

Two key priorities for pretty-much any business. And more and more firms are tapping into superfast broadband to get results.

Having a super-quick and reliable internet connection can boost productivity and profitability in many ways – not least by helping companies get more from ‘the cloud.’

So it’s no surprise that moves to help North Wales firms fully exploit the technology are being welcomed.

Superfast Business Wales – part of Welsh Government’s business support service – has partnered-up with local councils to deliver a series of workshops.

The sessions are aimed at professionals who provide support and advice to businesses. Consultants, accountants and solicitors for example. Or specialist staff at universities, colleges and councils who engage with businesses.

(Note: the workshops are not aimed at businesses in general)

Dilwyn Roberts, chair of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board (NWEAB) and leader of Conwy County Council, said: “Superfast broadband could be a real game-changer for many firms in the region.

“So it’s important that anyone involved in delivering support has a good understanding of how the technology can be exploited.

“These workshops are an important first step, and we’re delighted with the approach being taken by the Superfast Business Wales team.”

Rebecca Maxwell, corporate director at Denbighshire County Council and NWEAB project-lead for connectivity and infrastructure, added: “ “There are six workshops in North Wales – one in each county – and I’d encourage anyone providing business support and mentoring services to attend.

“The sessions will help them understand what help is available to clients interested in exploiting the technology, and look at examples of how a super-quick internet connection can boost productivity and profitability.”

To find out more or to book a place, visit the Superfast Cymru website.

so what’s this ‘cloud’ everyone keeps talking about?

‘The cloud’ is just a fancy way of talking about tools and services based on remote servers and accessed through a web browser.

There are loads of cloud-based services designed to help businesses – from file-transfer and project-management tools, to graphic design and website-building platforms.

You don’t have to install any specialist software on your computer. Just fire-up your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc) and log into the relevant website.

But…because cloud services are hosted online and accessed through your web-browser, you need a good internet connection.

And that’s where superfast comes in.

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