use these 8 infographics to find opportunities for your business

Wylfa Newydd Anglesey

Fact. There are some huge investment projects planned or taking place in North Wales right now.

From building the UK’s biggest prison, to creating one of the most advanced nuclear power stations in Europe.

These projects are worth billions of pounds to the region, creating supply chain opportunities for local businesses of all shapes and sizes.

So it’s important local firms understand these opportunities and are ready to make the most of them.

To help do this, the North Wales Economic Ambition Board (NWEAB) and its partners have created a series of info-graphics.

Each one contains keys facts and figures about a major project, plus info on how to find out more.

If you’re a North Wales business, you should take a look and see what’s in it for you.

Here's one of the Wylfa Newydd infographics, but you can download them all from our key project infographics page.

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