tips for start-ups – 10 sites you should know about

10 websites every start-up should know about.

One of the great things about the internet is that you can find advice on pretty much anything.

One of the worst things is that you can find advice on pretty much anything.

Sorting out good advice from bad isn’t always easy – and what’s good advice for you might turn out to be bad for the next person. And just because somebody talks like an expert, it doesn’t mean they are.

It’s the same with starting a business. Search for advice on the internet, and you’ll get a rich variety of websites (just like this one) cropping up in your results.

And while the ones near the top might be among the best, there’s no guarantee. And some of the best sites are certain to slip under your radar. The fact is, you have to gauge for yourself what’s good advice and bad.

But here are 10 sites that – it’s fair to say – have an established reputation for providing useful and thought-provoking articles for people starting out in business.


The name says it all. Entrepreneur magazine was first published in the late 70s. A decade later, it launched its website – which attracts millions of visitors per month.

Articles tend to be well-written and easy to digest.

Tip: trending articles appear at the top of the home page, but make sure you look at the ‘top 50’ section in the main navigation menu.

2. is another site born from a magazine established in the 70s. Again, articles tend to be easy to digest and fun to read.

Tip: check out the ‘start-up’ section in the main menu.

3. (small business network pages)

The Small Business Network is full of case studies and human interest stories about people who’ve taken the plunge and started their own business.

Good for inspiration and insight into the life of the UK small business owner.

Tip: try the ‘live chats’ section for Q&A opportunities with experts.


Everyone’s heard of Forbes. Right?

The magazine was established way back in the early part of the 20th century. And just like the mag, the website provides news and articles on all sorts of business-related topics.

Tip: Use the ‘top Forbes writers’ menu on the ‘most popular’ page to find writers specialising in your field of interest (e.g. marketing, recruitment, technology).

5. (pulse)

As well as being a social platform for building business and career networks, LinkedIn is a great source of ‘how to’ articles and thought pieces.

Anyone can publish on Pulse and there’s a lot of so-so stuff floating around, but you’ll also find some real gems.

Tip: download the stand-alone Pulse app onto your phone for quick and easy access to articles.


Business Wales is the business-support arm of Welsh Government, and has a pretty impressive website containing all manner of support resources for people starting an enterprise.

Tip: check out the ‘start-up zone’ for tips about business planning, financial management, protecting intellectual property and so on.


Engaging, informative articles about entrepreneurship. Fast Company covers a lot of tech and innovation news.

Tip: the ‘happening now’ section on the home page is always worth a look.


Founded by John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire allows you to listen to podcast interviews with some of the most inspiring business people around.

Tip: check out the ‘top 10’ podcasts section (if you’d rather read the interviews, you can download them as a PDF).


Neil Patel is a legendary digital marketer and entrepreneur. A lot of his articles go into real depth, explaining the detail behind different marketing techniques and tactics.

Tip: follow Neil’s traffic-building experiment for insights into how to grow and monetise website visitors.

10. is an online community that allows members to post links to articles about entrepreneurship, marketing, technology and so on.

Members can vote posts up (so the most popular rise to the top).

Tip: follow the topics you’re most interested in (it could be anything from e-commerce to SEO) by clicking the ‘follow’ button at the top of the page.


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