staying connected: superfast broadband

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An ever-changing digital landscape means businesses need to stay up-to-date with the technology available.

Like Superfast Broadband.

Utilising a bigger, faster internet connection can help companies increase efficiency, productivity and profit.

Superfast has been rolled out extensively across Wales in the last few years, with 80% of homes and businesses now benefitting.

But why is faster better?

Here are four potential benefits for your business.

1. more opportunity to tap into ‘the cloud’

In the old days, pretty much every tech tool and software you used had to be installed on your desktop or laptop.

That’s not the case anymore. There are loads of applications you can now use by simply logging into a website – from social media applications to project management tools (that’s all ‘the cloud’ and tools hosted remotely and accessed through the internet, instead of hosted on your machine or some big old server whirring away in your basement).

Check out the Business Wales website for an insight into some useful, everyday tools you can access via the cloud.

2. increased efficiency

Faster broadband gives you a more reliable and stable platform, so multiple users (i.e. your employees) can share the same service connection without slowing down.

So you can respond to customers online, process orders and contact suppliers or contractors more quickly.

Take the Royal Victoria Hotel in Gwynedd for example. Superfast Broadband helped them revolutionise how they manage online bookings and promote their business.

Watch this video.

3. reduced costs

Finding ways to save money within your business can be tough. But simple steps can be taken to reduce IT costs – saving money and improving your systems.

For example, replacing bulky servers with cloud-based infrastructure (as mentioned earlier) can cut down on hardware, software and maintenance costs.

Get an idea of how much you could save by using this savings calculator.

4. increased profits

Fewer outgoings (as mentioned above) and improved customer engagement - through use of cloud-based marketing and CRM tools for example – can result in increased profits.

Profits that can be reinvested into your business to help it grow.

Sounds pretty good?

Well. Getting connected is easier than you think.

Visit the Superfast Cymru site to find internet service providers, and sign up for the package that’s best for you.

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