politicians and business leaders discuss rail links

Rail links across North Wales and North West England.

Politicians and business leaders will meet to debate the economic impact of rail infrastructure on North Wales and the North West of England this week.

A conference – organised by the North Wales Economic Ambition Board – will take place at Llandudno this Thursday (November 20).

It’s being held on the basis that modern rail infrastructure – including services between North Wales and key cities like Manchester and Liverpool – will be crucial to the economy over the next decade, helping businesses and workers access jobs and markets.

Better rail links could also help attract more firms to the area, helping to create employment.

The conference takes place on a day when potential strike action - which would have affected services in the region - was averted.

The event will bring together AMs, MPs, councillors and representatives from regional business groups. Items up for discussion will include:

• Speed and frequency of train services.

• Direct links to London, Manchester, Liverpool and other key cities.

• Passenger experience, including seating, luggage-space, air-conditioning and wi-fi.

• Electrification of rail services to help North Wales tap into HS2 (the proposed high speed train network) in the future.


To help aid debate, the panel is keen to gather potential questions via Twitter – either before or during the conference.

If you have a view on how rail services need to be developed to benefit the North Wales and North West economy – or how they affect your current business or work opportunities – why not put it on the table?

To submit a potential question or point for debate, tweet it using the hashtag #RailNorthWales before 2.30pm on Thursday, November 12.

The panel will monitor the hashtag and pick out the best points for discussion.

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