recognising the power of choice

Trapped by circumstance.

A Wrexham-based business is using its skills to help people break free of circumstance and take control of their lives.

Moneypenny is one of the world’s leading outsourced call-handling providers.

It employs over 450 people, has offices in New Zealand and the US, and is building a new £15m HQ in Wrexham.

Since it started life as a small enterprise just over a decade ago, it’s grown into an amazing success story.

But that success hasn’t made the company introspective. Far from it.

The business is using its know-how to give unemployed young people new opportunities in life and work.


Co-founder Rachel Clacher launched the Moneypenny Foundation in 2014, providing a paid six month trainee-ship combining work experience in a range of job sectors, with life-coaching, mentoring and the chance to learn new skills.

The foundation is aimed at young people who feel trapped by their circumstances – unable to find employment or make the life choices they want to make.

Every year, 10 new candidates embark on the traineeship. In October 2015, eight graduated and six are already in full time employment.

Rachel says: “This is no ordinary trainee-ship. The foundation encourages people to step out of their comfort zone, helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses, while thinking about what they want in life.

“With support, they work to maximise their potential and achieve their ambitions. Ultimately, they come to recognise the power of having a choice.”

making a difference

Moneypenny is well known for its commitment to employee development (it’s been cited in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For four times).

So it’s using that experience in coaching, mentoring and up-skilling employees to make a difference in the wider community.

It’s a great example of corporate social responsibility.

Nineteen-year-old Kiah Greene from Wrexham graduated from the Moneypenny Foundation in 2015.

She says: “I was just dropping out. I’d done a couple of college courses and had been on work placements, but I was getting nowhere and things felt like they were getting on top of me.

“I had a call out of the blue from the Job Centre suggesting I apply for the foundation. It’s changed everything and I’m a different person to the one that started out six months earlier.

“I have far more confidence. And I’m better able to trust people, and try things I never would have tried before.

“Many of the activities – especially the outdoor ones – encouraged us way out of our comfort zones, and right from the start we had to face our fears and find solutions together.

“Everyone at the foundation cares about the whole person – if our lives aren’t right behind the scenes, other things won’t work. My entire life is in a much better place.”

The next group of trainees will be selected in April 2016, and the company hopes to roll out its foundation model to other large employers in the near future.

To find out more about the Moneypenny Foundation, telephone 0333 202 1005 or visit the Moneypenny website.

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