new resource for professionals helping young people find work

A new online tool has been launched for professionals who help find support for young people faced with challenges getting into work, training or education.

search for support

The bilingual tool can be used to search for support for people aged 16-24 who need extra help getting into work or education.

The database is the result of a mapping exercise to plot the organisations who provide support in North Wales. And it's part of the UK implementation of the Youth Guarantee - an international initiative that aims to help make sure everyone under 25 has good employment, education or training prospects.

enhanced online format

The North Wales Economic Ambition Board and its partners have enhanced and added value to the mapping exercise by transferring the information into an easy-to-use, online format.

It's hoped that professionals working with young people will use the resource to search and filter for specialist organisations in North Wales.

You can find the database via the Youth Support and Provision web site:

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