live-streaming: broadcast your business

Streaming has been one of the biggest things to take off in the tech world this year.

Letting people broadcast themselves live to pretty much anyone, anywhere.

We recently had a go ourselves, streaming from a couple of live events.

And it worked really well.

If your business has a strong social following and gets involved in live events – or has the potential to make great visual content (live demonstrations, tutorials, interviews and so on)– just think how far your streams (and your business) could be shared.

You could win new followers, customers and brand ambassadors.

Here’s a few ways to get started…


The first streaming app on the scene.

Broadcasts are deleted straight after filming…so it’s a great way to engage with people in an ‘of the moment’ kind of way.

Think…behind the scenes footage, sneak previews. Things people won’t want to miss.


Fully integrated with Twitter, Periscope can send a tweet from your account when you’re about to go live.

Broadcasts are saved for 24 hours so people can replay and share the link via Twitter.

You can also save your footage to your camera roll to use again after your 24 hours are up.


Live streaming…but for groups.

The host and each guest have a section of the screen and you can watch each person simultaneously.

Perfect for involving viewers and getting more than one person’s point across.

Viewers can also join the ‘blab’ (after being accepted by the host) and get involved in the conversation, building strong relationships with potential customer or clients.

Q&As could work really well here :)

live for mentions

Celebrities and those with verified Facebook profiles can now live stream to their Facebook fans.

Streams are saved for as long as the broadcaster wants – meaning a better reach over time.

One big advantage for this is a lot of the hard work is already done.

Most businesses head to Facebook as a first port of call on social media – so chances are you’ll have a bigger ‘ready-made’ audience for your broadcasts.

It looks like the idea is to gradually release the feature to more Facebook users, eventually making it available to everyone on the platform (this is speculation at the minute… but it seems likely).

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