how to find supply chain opps for your business

Supply chains - the sky is the limit.

We’re not sure if this story is true or not, but we’ve seen it somewhere. More than once.

In the early 1960s, the ‘space-race’ was the game in town. The USA and USSR were competing head-to-head in a technological extension of the cold war.

During a visit to a NASA facility, President John F Kennedy spoke to various people about their role in America’s space programme….including a janitor.

“What do you do here?” he asked the man sweeping the floors.

“I’m helping to put a man on the moon”, he replied.

Like we say, we’re not if that’s true or just an urban myth that does the rounds, but it illustrates a point we want to make.

When you want to achieve something big, the small parts of the equation are just as important as the big parts.

Without the little cogs, the big cogs don’t turn.

That’s how it is with supply chains. When a big corporation – be it a government agency or a business – takes on a major project, they don’t tend to do everything themselves.

They look for other businesses to supply them with specialist goods, skills, knowledge or services – inviting firms to tender for the work.

And quite often, businesses contracted to supply goods or services will in turn contract other businesses to supply them with something. And so the supply chain grows.

For many SMEs, becoming part of a supply chain – even a small part – can be very lucrative.

4 things you can do

In North Wales, we have some massive projects in the pipeline that offer real supply chain opportunities for businesses in the right line of work. Here are 4 ways to improve your chances of getting a slice of the pie.

1. register with sell2wales

Sell2Wales is an online portal set up by Welsh Government to help businesses find and tender for contract opportunities.

Each year, billions of pounds worth of contracts for public sector goods and services are advertised on the site.

It’s free to register, so sign-up. It makes sense.

2. register for wylfa newydd

The plans to build a new power station on Anglesey in North Wales will create big opportunities across various sectors.

But if you’re interested in Wylfa Newydd, you need to register online with Horizon Nuclear Power and / or Hitachi-GE.

And if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, you could also fill-in this short survey.

3. look for ‘meet the buyer' events

The Business Wales website has an events section. Use the ‘topic’ filter to search for ‘tendering’ events and see what results it kicks back.

The fact is, lots of big projects try to unearth potential suppliers by running ‘meet the buyer' events. And a lot of these events are posted on the Business Wales website, so it’s worth checking regularly.

4. register for parc adfer

Parc Adfer is a major energy-recovery facility set to be built on Deeside Industrial Park.

It’ll take around three years to construct, with work due to begin this year. And it’ll create some major supply chain opportunities.

But you need to register as a potential supplier if you want to be in with a shout.

Go to the Parc Adfer website and complete the supplier network registration form.

Want to learn more about supply chain opps in North Wales? Get in touch.

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