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A £25m project by Swedish company Minesto is creating up to 30 jobs at its new Anglesey-based UK headquarters - as the island’s buoyant marine energy sector looks set to expand.

A world-leader in marine energy, Minesto’s highly innovative ‘Deep Green’ underwater kite technology produces electricity from low velocity tidal and ocean currents, with waters off South Stack in Holyhead providing ideal conditions.

The company plans to tether up to 20 of the 12-metre wide kites to their seabed bases at depths of around 80 metres.

Energy from the kites’ movement is harnessed, with the initial three kites expected to produce an impressive 5MW of power.

When complete, the project will supply electricity to the equivalent of 8,000 households.

Minesto is one of the first companies in the world to build a commercial marine power-plant array, and its decision to use Anglesey for its UK headquarters is already creating jobs.

Up to 30 local jobs are likely during the construction and operational phases of the project, with positions like project managers, office administrators, off/ onshore engineers and technicians, health and safety personnel and more.

The wider marine energy picture around Anglesey appears equally positive, with Welsh Government recently announcing the extension of the Enterprise Zone to include a marine renewable energy demonstration area off the west coast of the island.

The demonstration area is being managed by Menter Mon through the Morlais project, which aims to accelerate deployment of tidal energy in the region.

Anglesey Enterprise Zone chairman Neil Rowlands has welcomed the extension.

He said: “This is a significant boost that will help deliver the outcomes we all want to achieve – the regeneration of the economy, job creation, new investment and a secure and sustainable future for Anglesey.”

Read more about Minesto's Anglesey project here.

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