could your business benefit from this eco park project?

Orthios eco park

A proposed new biomass plant in Holyhead looks set to create big opportunities for North Wales businesses.

Work on the Anglesey Eco Park and Energy Centre is expected to begin in 2017. The plant will harness unique Combined Food and Power technology – generating both electricity and food for UK consumption.

The project will create up to 1,000 construction jobs and 700 long-term jobs - as well as significant supply chain opportunities for local and regional firms.

how big projects create opportunities for local businesses

Now think about it. You need a lot of products, skills and services to build and operate a big facility like this.

Some of those things are usually outsourced – and if you’re in the right kind of industry, you might be able to bid for that work and win a valuable contract.

To help business-owners get a feel for the size and scope of opportunities, we’ve produced a handy fact-sheet (or ‘infographic’).

If you’re a North Wales business, you should take a look and see what’s in it for you (see below).

Better still, check out our key projects page, where you’ll find more fact-sheets about other projects creating opportunities in North Wales.

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