could these free workshops help you win a valuable contract?

Contract opportunities in North Wales

The proposed Wylfa Newydd power station will create a lot of opportunities for business. A lot.

Horizon Nuclear Power and its partners will need all kinds of products, services and skills to build and run the facility in Anglesey – creating potential supply chain opportunities for North Wales firms along the way.

But competition is likely to be strong, and being well-prepared could give you a big advantage if you intend to try and get a piece of the action.

free workshops

If your business supplies precision-engineering services, equipment-manufacturing, or fabrication and maintenance services, you might want to check out these workshops.

Organised by Business Wales, they’re aimed at helping North Wales businesses prepare for the opportunities the power station is expected to create.

You’ll learn about manufacturing in a nuclear context, the quality standards and competencies expected by the industry, and how to tender and compete effectively for contracts in the nuclear sector.

The workshops cover various topics and are taking place across North Wales up until March.

Oh. And they’re free.

Find out more on the Business Wales events website, including how to book your place.

Or visit our supply chain opportunities page to learn more about how to find contract opportunities for your North Wales business – whatever line of work you’re in.

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