make your mark: branding tips for food producers

Local produce.

Guest article by Ashley Rogers – MD of Gill & Shaw Ltd and Chairman of the North Wales Business Council.


Today’s retail environment is a multi-channel one, and food producers are likely to be selling their wares through a combination of independent stores, supermarkets, food festivals, the internet etc…

To help your products stand out from the thousands of others on sale, they need effective branding. This is made up of multiple elements – including your logo, key colours and font (for any text).

Together, these elements should create a lasting, positive image in the consumer’s mind.

Here's a quick guide on what to consider.

1. personality

What personality do you want your brand to have – young and cheeky, old and established etc? This will depend on your target consumer and what you want your brand to mean to them.

2. sense of place

Do you want your brand to convey a sense of where it’s produced / created? Are the ingredients locally sourced? Is the product a local speciality? If a sense of place is important, make sure that element forms some part of your branding.

3. don’t be shy

Your graphic designer should give you a number of draft options during the development of your branding.

It’s a good idea to talk to other people, and get some feedback on those options. In the end you obviously need to be happy with the final choice, but remember – someone else will be buying your products, not you.

4. a fresh perspective

Before pressing the button on your final choice for your branding, ‘sense-check’ it to make sure it works across your packaging and website, as these are probably the two most important areas where consumers will interact with your brand.

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