5 ways to feel better about how you use your time

Manage your time better.

Time. There just isn't enough to go round.

Trying to fit everything into a working day can be tough. Often impossible.

And the fact is, no matter how much time we have, something will fill the space.

Work expands to fill the time available, or whatever Cyril Parkinson said back in the 1950s. It still rings true.

But that doesn't mean you can't get more from your working day by making a few simple adjustments.

More importantly, you can feel better about how you use your time, and wrap-up the day knowing you made optimal use of the hours.

Here's five pointers. Nothing earth-shattering. Just obvious stuff.

1. focus

Decide what you're going to do at the start of the day, and then do it.

If there are 10 things that urgently need doing, but you can only do five, choose which five you're going to tackle and stick to them.

Stressing about the other five just won't help.

2. structure your time

Go further and decide which things you're going to tackle first.

Decide which task you're going to tackle in the first hour. The second hour. And so on.

3. manage your task list

There are loads of free task-management tools to help you organise your projects into steps, or just list your day-to-day tasks.

A lot of them have collaborative functionality too - useful if you need to work as part of a team.

Asana is one. Evernote is another.

4. ditch un-productive meetings

Don't feel obliged to go to every meeting.

And don't let people just slap appointments in your diary.

Own your time. If you don't feel that a meeting is going to be helpful, politely decline.

5. manage your time on email and social

Unless dealing with email or social media is the job in hand, manage the time you spend on them.

Maybe check out your social accounts for five minutes every hour. Or spend 15 minutes on email two or three times a day.

The main thing is to stick to the frequency and time-limits you set yourself.

Social and email are vast, fascinating oceans of conversation. And they'll swallow you up if you don't manage your time on them.

So there you go. Five suggestions for getting more from your working day - or at least feeling better about how you use it.

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