5 reasons your business needs video

Reason your business needs video

Guest article by Follow Films – an independent moving image company based in North Wales.


How good is your business’s online content?

Online video consumption is one of the most popular internet activities in the world.

Businesses are now taking advantage of consumers’ preference for video and it’s fast becoming the most effective tool in many marketing strategies.

Video can work for any type of business – big or small.

If you’re not already embracing the power of video, here’s 5 reasons why it’s definitely time to reconsider.

1. engage with your audience

Video is a fast and effective way to engage with your audience.

Lengthy text articles can be off-putting and easily lose your audience’s attention.

Over half of all visitors to a site will click to watch a video before reading text if the option for both is there.

Video can convey lots of information in a small amount of time, helping your audience quickly understand the product / service you provide.

This also helps towards increasing conversion rates; the likelihood of someone purchasing a product is greatly improved if they watch an accompanying video beforehand.

2. search engines love video

Search engines – like Google – now give high priority to video content.

You’re more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results if you have relevant video embedded on your webpage.

This means uploading and sharing videos about your business can make your site more visible and a lot easier to find when people are searching for the service you provide.

Video has also been proven to hold audience-attention longer than any other online content. This can help lower the bounce-rate on your site (when visitors come to your site and leave immediately without looking around). A high bounce rate can be a sign of low quality content and damage your SEO ranking.

So the longer you can keep visitors on your site the better it will perform.

3. feel the emotion

One of the unique benefits of video is its ability to provoke a strong emotional reaction from your audience in a very short space of time.

Combining high-quality visuals, audio and narrative creates an engaging experience that can feel as if it’s talking directly to us as individuals.

How often have you been inspired, laughed, cried or just felt moved by a 30-second advert?

Give your audiences something they can connect with and relate to, and you will positively influence their decision-making and encourage brand-loyalty from them.

4. you’ve got a great personality

Video is an excellent way of giving your business a face.

This is particularly important if you don’t have any direct contact with your customers, but also great for winning over new customers.

Giving your business a more personal feel builds trust with potential customers – because we all like to know who we’re doing business with.

Letting your personality shine-through in a video is also a great way to express the passion you have for your business.

Give a sneak-peak behind the scenes to show the hard work and care that goes into creating your product / service.

Enthusiasm is infectious and a sure-fire way of winning over people.

5. share, like, tweet

It’s the obvious one, but people are more likely to share an interesting video than an article.

Uploading your video to platforms like YouTube or Vimeo means you have content that can be viewed across all devices and shared in an instant.

By 2017, 74% of web traffic will come from video.

If you want to make sure you’re reaching out to your peak audience, then video is the way to do it.

Remember to title and tag your video effectively to increase its exposure and get people talking. And always link back to your website.

quick-tips for making a good video

Length – Keep it short. 1-2 minutes is long enough. You don’t want to bore people with an epic feature-length.

Get creative – Talking head videos are OK, but they’re not going to blow anyone away and generate the interest you’re after. Think about how you can make your video as exciting as possible.

Production value – High quality imagery, audio and narrative make a massive difference. With so much video out there now, you have to stand out.

Emotion – You need to connect with the viewer and make them care about what you’re saying. Remember you are building brand loyalty.

Call to action – Don’t forget to put a call-to-action at the end of your video to get an immediate response from viewers.

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