5 online modules to help start your business

Business Wales online modules can help you start your business.

Starting a business can be overwhelming.

There's a lot to think about and things can get overlooked. But help is out there.

Business Wales is a great resource - whether you're part of an established business, or just finding your feet.

Even if owning a business seems like a distant dream at the moment, they have tonnes of advice on their website that could help you inch closer to making it a reality.

Here are just 5 modules you can use on the Business Wales website to help you set up shop...

1. understanding your market

Understanding what's going on in the world, and in the market you operate, is crucial.

This guide looks at what you need to know - like market sizes and trends that can affect your business - and provides a framework for accessing the right information quickly and easily.

2. promoting your business

One of your biggest difficulties as a new business is getting your message in front of potential customers...and persuading them to trust you over someone else.

This module helps you identify which techniques to use to achieve the best results, including how to create a winning marketing message and planning your promotions.

3. costs, price and value

Setting prices is challenging.

Price is linked to profit and crucial to the overall success of your business, so you want to get it right.

This guide highlights the difference between costs, price and value, and how they affect your bottom line.

4. managing finance effectively

Keeping track of your finances and managing them effectively will help keep your business afloat.

This module looks at the key elements of running the money side of things, and provides a checklist to help you manage your finances.

5. staying in control

As a business owner, juggling lots of different tasks is just part of life.

This guide suggests ways to stay in control - like creating good systems, time management and effective communication.

There's loads of other useful stuff on the Business Wales website.

If you're thinking of starting up, you should take a look.

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